At its core Gynesim is a non-profit surgical educational company offering both Real Tissue Model (RTM) surgical simulation training as well as a robust surgical training curricula. Gynesim was founded to address the need of practicing surgeons to advance their minimally invasive surgical skills. 

Through our own courses (Boston Gynesim MIGS Simulation Practicum) and through support of other industry courses, Gynesim offers high fidelity simulation training in a low risk setting. These high fidelity simulation platforms  support focused procedural skill development and repetitive practice opportunity. Anatomically correct with critical structures represented in their normal anatomic relationship, the Real Tissue Models, due to the “realness” of their look, their feel and their presentation, promote  deeper “thalamic” engagement in all learners. This engagement leads basic and advanced surgeons  to a transformation of their surgical and procedural skillset. 


Surgical device companies need affordable high fidelity simulation models to best demonstrate the performance of their products as well as train doctors in the proper use of their equipment. Gynesim has partnered with Industry in support of their educational, sales/marketing, and research and development initiatives.  Gynesim provides the highest fidelity laparoscopic, hysteroscopic, cystoscopic and vaginal approach surgical simulation models that look (face validity) and feel (haptics) like the real thing. Our models support the use of all surgical energy systems. These models are presented within realistic surgical platforms appropriate to the surgical task or technology demonstration. All models can be customized to specific pathologic states in order to highlight instrumentation. 

 The gold standard for device companies is to demonstrate their products on real human beings......

Beyond the real, Gynesim offers the next best thing.