“All Hands-on All the time” Courses (1/2 day to 5 day courses):

Gynesim provides robust surgical training curricula based on sound learning and teaching theory: deliberate practice, proctored hands-on and thalamic engagement, reiterative reinforcement of basic principles through graded challenge and complexity with an emphasis on hands-on manual training. 

Laparoscopic Procedure specific training –  These courses focus on procedural training, leveraging the procedure-specific high fidelity Real Tissue Models  to provide realistic simulation training in closely proctored repetitive drill.  Procedural steps can be taught first in isolation, then in sequence, finally then supported by repetitive practice. With supervised practice, these individual steps build towards performance of a global procedure. Procedure specific courses offered include training in Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy, Myomectomy, Sacrocolpopexy and Operative Hysteroscopy.

Gynesim also provides Real Tissue Model surgical training simulation models that support surgical training in other minimally invasive specialties: Bariatric procedures including Roux-en-Y, Sleeve Gastrectomy, and Banding, Urologic procedures including diagnostic and operative cystoscopy, and endoscopic procedures including ESR, EMR and combined colonoscopic and laparoscopic sleeve resection.

Contact Dr. Mackenzie for procedure specific courses.  

In addition to laparoscopic procedural courses, Gynesim also offers the following:

Vaginal Hysterectomy and vaginal resuspension training course  - This one day simulation course concentrates on the relevant anatomy of the female pelvis, the anatomic basis for vaginal hysterectomy, performance in simulation using the Vaginal Hysterectomy Real Tissue Models and then utilizing a cadaveric model to perform vaginal hysterectomy. Modified McCalls colposuspension is also taught.

Endometriosis Radical Excision Course - This course is an intensive day-long course with focused didactics and an all-hands-on-all-the-time skill lab intended for practicing gynecologist who desire practical training in advanced surgical management of complex endometriosis. Morning didactics are devoted to understanding the embryologic origin of endometriosis as rationale for radical excisional treatment and the physical principles underlying monopolar energy and its safe and highly effective use in endometriosis excision. Morning wet lab will provide opportunity to understand and practice application of monopolar energy to create desired tissue effects. Three different afternoon hands-on labs will focus on endometriosis radical excisional technique 1) Monopolar-wired tissue lab highlighting dissection technique leveraging high power density radiofrequency current.  2) A Real Tissue Model (high fidelity endometriosis simulation platforms) lab providing skill development in radical excisional technique off of bowel, bladder, peritoneum. 3)  Live-anesthetized pig/endometriosis simulation prep will be used to practice hands-on dissection and excision of endometriosis found implanted on critical structures: bowel, bladder, ureter, vasculature, retroperitoneum.  Three to four participants for each pig will practice the safe use of monopolar dissection, excision of deep endometriosis, necessary repair of excision sites as encountered – this latter presumes facility in laparoscopic suturing and knot-tying.  The porcine model is a lab prep developed as a surgical training simulation of complex endometriosis. 

Laparoscopic suturing and knot-tying – This course teaches a reliable, reproducible technique based on solving the fundamental geometric principles of “suture angle and plane” and “instrument angle and plane”.  Once these principles are understood, suturing and knot-tying with straight sticks becomes easy.  Each course utilizes progressive simulation from low fidelity to high fidelity, providing increasing challenge to the learner. The amount of repetitive supervised deliberate practice depends on the length of the course. Courses provide instruction in suturing and knot tying fundamentals including introduction of the needle, loading the needle, needle drives and knot tying. Additional instruction depending on course length provide understanding of flat knot and cinch knot anatomy and function, and instruction and practice in clinical applications.  The goal of each of these courses is to provide surgeons with a reliable suturing and knot-tying skill that improves both surgical confidence to take on more complex cases and competence in the performance of them.

While offered in the Fall and Spring as the Boston-Gynesim Advanced MIGS practicum  this course or modifications of it can be provided on-site in any venue anywhere at any time 

Cadaveric Dissection - Laparoscopic Cadaveric pelvic dissection courses offered by Gynesim provide proctored hands-on opportunity to explore and define retroperitoneal spaces and anatomy and learn critical spatial relationships of the different structures in the pelvis.  Gynesim has also developed a highly innovative "Constructive Dissection of the Female Pelvis" anatomy exercise as preliminary to the laparoscopic dissection - this exercise takes learners through a self-guided building of the pelvis from the "bones up".

Customized curriculum and individual training -  Individualized training at your choice of venue (eg. office in home city) or in Boston.  These courses are tailored to specific learning objectives and leverage closely proctored/supervised and all-hands-on-all-the-time training.  Distance learning can be set up for surgeons either as a preliminary to a formal course attendance or in followup to courses taken. Gynesim can provide laparoscopic box trainers (Gynecase) and equipment for independent skill development in addition to expert surgical training and instruction.   Contact Dr. Mackenzie for specific individualized learning needs. 


Novel surgical training simulation models

Robust training curriculum based on validated medical educational learning and teaching theories

 Transformative surgical learning opportunities for any level of learner, for any time allotment, in any venue.