Gynesim provides Chinese MIGS surgical training

On January 4 Gynesim completed a 10 session (60 hrs hands-on) advanced laparoscopy course for members of a Chinese delegation as part of the inaugural Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians ObGyn Leadership Fellowship - a fellowship focused on Quality Improvement, Risk Management, Obstetrical Emergencies, Gynecologic Surgical Training and Simulation. Six ObGyn physicians from China took part in the advanced MIGS curriculum - an all hands-on all-the-time course including the “constructive dissection of the female pelvis”, suturing and knot-tying, electrosurgical energy, TLH, Myomectomy and contained tissue extraction, sacrocolpopexy and vaginal resuspension.

It was an absolute privilege to teach such engaged and avid learners.

The fellowship ran from November 5, 2018 to January 4, 2019

Gynesim is privileged to provide an 8 hour advanced laparoscopic suturing and simulation myomectomy course at this years SGS (Society of Gynecologic Surgeons) Annual Clinical Meeting in Tucson, Arizona. The course will be part of the PG Course offerings on Sunday March 31. Follow this SGS link for information regarding the SGS meeting and the suturing course.