• Focused on advanced skill development - proficiency in suturing, knot tying, and advanced laparoscopic procedures: myomectomy, total laparoscopic hysterectomy, retroperitoneal dissection, organ injury and repair.

  • 100% Active Hands-On - learn technique by doing. 1:1 Attendee to box trainer, 3:1 Attendee to Cadaver ratio. All doing, no watching.

  • Biologic Tissue Surgical Simulation Models (Real Tissue Models by Gynesim)- highly realistic practice on high fidelity gyn simulation.

  • Fresh Frozen Cadaveric Laparoscopic Pelvic Dissection, guided organ injury repair.


Testimonials regarding Boston-Gynesim Advanced MIGS Simulation Practicum:

Models:  “Tissue Models were so realistic and responded to the energy so realistically that I really had to concentrate. Remarkable!.” 

Methods:   “Hands-on really meant hands-on. I could do it again and again and again.”                   “I especially liked the lab, it was specific and hands-on. Nothing like it out there." 

Mentors:     “Hands on. Task-driven. Individual attention. Not rushed.”                                   “Small group with all the instruction I needed at the right time. Allowed me to practice my technique in a very supportive atmosphere” 

Measurement:    “I gained so much confidence in tackling a problem.. I can’t wait to use my techniques.”

Mastery:      “Finally, I can suture and knot-tie!!!!”